Custom candy bags are amazing alternatives to rigid packaging that has in the past dominated the market. You can get yourself flexible bags such as cannabis bags, coffee packaging bags, dog treat bags and printed coffee bags readily available for retail. So why have flexible packaging become so popular under the prevailing market conditions? Rigid packaging consists of things like canisters and glass bottles. Just like the name suggests, rigid packaging was not very effective when packaging flexible material. In addition, branding has become an important aspect of business success. Most businesses were not very open to using rigid packaging material for brand marketing based on the cost factor of such marketing. Things such as custom candy bags provide the best alternative when it comes to packaging different products. In addition, custom packaging can be presented in different forms that suits the customer based on the product that they are purchasing. For example, you can add a foil barrier, adhesive layer or even a lamination foil. Below are some of the reasons why flexible packaging is a popular choice for most people.

Barrier Properties
One of the greatest characteristics of flexible packaging is that you can custom-order it with the preferred barrier properties. The barrier properties make this form of packaging versatile in packaging a wide variety of products. For example, the packaging design can be in such a way that there is a laminated structure that adds to a product’s shelf life. Whereas not all custom candy bags require custom barriers, having these barriers helps the products maintain their original flavor before and after purchase. These barriers also prevent harmful elements such as air, water and dirt from getting to the product.

Another characteristic of flexible packaging such as the use of custom candy bags is re-closeability. One of the best ways of ensuring is adding a zipper to the packaging design to the custom candy bags ensuring that the bags can be accessed as many times as the user prefers. The coffee bag design for example is a classic example of how using a zipper can increase the life of the bag. In many instances, custom bags are used for pet treat packaging, pet food packaging, custom cannabis packaging and pet treat packaging. Packaging some of these stuffs is a recurrent process which is why you will always find yourself needing the bag once more. The high sale of coffee bags is attributed to the fact that an estimated 54% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis.

Great Graphics
Artwork is perhaps one of the most amazing features of custom candy bags and other flexible packaging bags. Eye-catching graphics is a common characteristic for packaging bags and the best part is that marketers use these graphics to improve brand awareness. From a marketing perspective, there are some products that are packaged in bags that have a clear-window film that shows the contents of the bag. In fact, displaying the products where the customers can actually see what they are purchasing is a great way of improving sales since most buyers are naturally skeptical and would prefer seeing what they are buying. Whereas some businesses could see incorporating graphics in design such as designing printed coffee bags, the long-term benefits of this form of packaging are immeasurable.

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