10 Great Ideas For Online Video Content Creation


Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably already know how the rise of digital media has cemented the value of video content creation. It’s a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike. Engaging content that provides clear value will help you build a loyal following that you can monetize to generate revenue. Here are 10 great ideas to get you started.

1. Motorcycle Test Drives

Motorvlogging is becoming more popular every day. A quick YouTube search will reveal hundreds upon thousands of videos covering different topics relevant to motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether you’ve just bought your first bike or have been riding for a while, the sky is the limit. However, before you can get started, there are a few things you need to know.

To become a successful motorcycle vlogger, start by asking yourself if you’ll enjoy this video content creation niche and all the work that comes with it. If not, you’ll soon be unhappy and stressed due to the time and effort that goes into running such a channel. If you believe you have the motivation and enthusiasm, then go ahead by all means.

Consider what you enjoy most about riding a motorbike to identify the ideal audience for your motorcycle vlog. You could find that you want to focus on gear reviews and motorcycle test drives, for which you can partner with a local motorcycle dealer. Perhaps you prefer documenting group rides or want a platform where you can share your experiences and share advice for new riders. Simply documenting personal memories can also make for great content.

All these ideas have the potential to become something great. Don’t let anybody make you feel like your reason for vlogging isn’t legitimate. As long as you’re having fun, don’t care about other people’s opinions too much.

It’s a good idea to watch the videos of other motor vloggers and pay attention to their editing styles. You have several options regarding how to stylize the videos for your channel. A GoPro Point of View is the most popular among motorcycle content creators. However, don’t shy away from experimenting. Adding your flair will make you stand out.

2. DIY Projects

DIY videos have been all the rage in video content creation games for a while now. Whether it’s home maintenance, car repairs, arts and crafts, using micro drills, or even building a shed from scratch, you can find do-it-yourself instructional videos on almost anything on YouTube today. More people are turning to such content for several reasons.

For one, no adult can deny that the economy is at an all-time high. Yes, some people may feel the impact less than others, but things aren’t where they were a few years ago. DIY projects allow people to spend more on buying quality materials, such as those sourced sustainably, and less on labor.

According to Comfy Living, 73% of millennials take the DIY route with home improvement work, while 27% choose to employ professionals. They appear to be increasingly purchasing older, poorly maintained homes due to the scarcity of suitable properties. Millennials are always taking on DIY projects, from building furniture to unique planters.

So, in your efforts to start creating online videos, consider specializing in do-it-yourself home repairs that don’t require much knowledge or investment in tools. These include replacing door knobs, applying caulking, and fixing minor sink leaks and drainage issues, among other things. Expect to encounter some stiff competition. You’ll need to find a way of making your DIY videos stand out.

You want the people who watch your content to find it memorable. Generally, the best do-it-yourself videos usually include some aspect of humor, and so should yours. People are more likely to develop a sense of an emotional connection with you as a content creator if they find you funny. Consider adding a little embellishment to the pains your audience experiences to turn them into a humorous narrative. Include the funny bits at the beginning of videos to instantly engage viewers and keep them watching.

3. Maintenance Tutorials

Homeowners all over the globe understand the importance of keeping up with the maintenance needs of their property. It’s the only sure way of guaranteeing the different components that make life comfortable and safe in the home reach their intended useful life. You can attribute this to the fact that routine maintenance checks help detect potential problems in their early stages, allowing for more effective repairs.

This results in fewer issues in the long run, including the need for premature replacements, which can mean significant savings. Besides the functional and financial benefits, a well-maintained home also tends to have a superior aesthetic appeal compared to one that’s not. These benefits are why you can never go wrong with maintenance tutorials as part of your video content creation ideas.

If you think about it, you have most of the work done for you, as you won’t need to convince your viewers how your videos can help them improve their quality of life. However, you must decide on at least one area of the home to focus on. You want to be known as a ‘master’ of at least one thing. /p>

So, for example, if you’re a professional fence repair technician, you can make your skills work for you by making videos where you teach homeowners how to address minor fencing issues with the tools they have lying around in their garage. That said, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert. There are home maintenance tasks that even the least handy person can perform seamlessly.

These include cleaning the driveway using a power washer and mowing the lawn. Do your research to understand what homeowners are looking for when it comes to maintenance. Using the information you find to determine what is most attainable for you.

4. True Crime Stories

True crime stories are another excellent video content creation idea. There are more true crime YouTube channels today than ever before. They typically cover real-life criminal cases, ranging from unsolved crimes to murder mysteries, to the stories of convicted serial killers and other interesting criminal incidents. Your content can take different forms if you decide to go this route.

You could feature the classic documentaries analyses, interviews, and discussions with criminal lawyers about various cases. You can delve into the juicy details, explore the motives, examine the evidence, and provide insight into how the law enforcers conducted the investigation. Some channels go as far as highlighting the legal aspects of each case, including the trials.

True crime channels have some of the largest followings, with viewers ranging from those who simply enjoy the mystery of true crime stories to those interested in criminal psychology and real-life examples of how the justice system works. Find the perfect balance between being entertaining and informative through storytelling and offering factual information. Not that the only way to ensure people recognize your channel as a ‘true crime’ content creator is by carrying out deep result-finding research.

5. Cat Videos

According to Treehugger, cat videos on YouTube had over 26 billion views in 2021, making them the site’s most popular category. ‘Cats’ is among the most searched-for phrases online. According to Jack Shepherd, editorial director of Buzzfeed, even if there are just as many posts and tags for dogs, or perhaps even more, cat content receives nearly four times as many viral views.

Fascination with felines isn’t something new. Tree Hugger claims you can find cave paintings of cats dating back 10,000 years, and the Egyptians revered cats as holy creatures, mummifying some of them in the same manner as they did people. So you won’t have to do anything to create interest in cats. Instead, you’re working to exploit something that’s already there.

You could make your cat the star, where you document their daily activities, including time spent at cat daycare or a groomer. If there’s one thing those who live with a cat can agree on, these pets are always up to something. Their adventures can make for great wholesome content.

6. Impactful Interviews

Interviews will make another great addition to your video content creation ideas list. We all want to know more details about the life of our favorite movie star, musician, or even YouTuber. Find successful individuals or experts in various fields and invite them for a sit-down. The more successful, the more value they’ll add to your content.

Your guests can range from entrepreneurs to artists to activists to former DUI school enrollees. Engage in thoughtful conversations, and have them talk about their experiences, insights, and perspectives. Always take your time to research any person you’re considering for an interview.

Doing this will help reduce fumbling during the exchange and keep things on track. Social media is an effective way to learn more about the person or business you’re interviewing. It’s also a good idea to visit their website if they have one. Make sure to do as thorough of a search as you can to make the question-writing process easier.

7. House Tours

House tour videos are also a great pick for those looking to start video content creation. You’d be surprised by how many people go on virtual walkthroughs, even if they don’t intend to buy. You can partner with luxury custom home builders for this if you decide to go in this direction

Ask them to allow you to showcase some of their past and, if possible, ongoing projects. If you get a yes, your videos should highlight different homes’ designs and architectural styles. You can also talk about the interior design. Whether it’s a modern mansion or a cozy countryside retreat, house tours offer a fascinating glimpse into different lifestyles and can inspire your viewers.

8. Tech Reviews

Individuals are continuously looking for reliable reviews before purchasing gadgets and products due to the rapidly changing market. If you’re tech-savvy, consider venturing into reviewing video content creation. Offer thorough and frank assessments of products like computers, specific solar panel models, cellphones, and other tech gear. Through the reviews, you’ll be helping your viewers make informed decisions, ultimately establishing your expertise in the field.

While deciding which products to focus on can be tough, you almost can’t make the wrong choice. However, focusing on one piece of cheap tech is wise when you’re just starting. Doing this will help you to gradually build your channel without spending too much.

9. Botany Guides

If you’re a plant enthusiast or florist by profession, making botany guides is an excellent choice for your video content creation efforts. When you think about all the different species of plants, some being poisonous and others edible, it’ll be a while before you run out of juicy topics. Ensure your videos are informative but engaging at the same time.

Share gardening tips and flower arrangement ideas in your videos. From plant care, propagation methods, and the significance of various flowers, you want to inspire your viewers to start working on their own green spaces. Your ideal target audience is garden enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself.

10. Restaurant Reviews

For today’s food enthusiasts and diners, restaurant reviews are valuable for exploring new culinary styles. They help potential patrons make informed decisions about where to dine. To create a comprehensive restaurant review, analyze the food, service, ambiance, and overall dining experience.

Reviewers play a key role in the restaurant industry. They provide constructive feedback to owners and chefs to encourage continuous improvement. Positive reviews are the easiest way of attracting new customers.

When making these videos, pay attention to detail and vividly describe dishes while practicing fair judgment. You want the mouths of your viewers to start watering from just watching you. Whether outdoor dining or fine dining, be sure to add a touch of personality to your videos if you want to stand out and not disappear into the crowd. Even with the evolving dining culture, restaurant reviews have proven valuable.

Denying the power of video content creation in today’s increasingly digital world would be plain ignorant. Regardless of how simple they may seem, you need to start leveraging your skills. There’s always someone out there who can benefit from knowing what you know. Use this guide for ideas to try out before finding what you’re most comfortable doing.

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